About us

In 2005 after having finished our studies at the Academy Of Fines Arts in Poznan we started working together as freelance designers. Everything was good but we wanted to make it even better. So in 2008 we founded our own Ah&Oh Studio. Armed with silly name, open minds, never afraid of taking new challenges and always hungry for more! Now we are finally in our new place, situated halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, in the old Poznan district, Jezyce. You can find us there working on new ideas, sitting on piles of books, searching for some fresh inspiration and watching movies.

So…what exactly do we do? To put it simply, we observe, analyse and develop ideas we find heartmelting. Then we do our best to apply them to our projects. We mainly deal with graphic design, package design, visual communication, identity, branding and illustration. We’re also working on brand development, the naming of new companies, events and small ad campaigns. And we are especially excited when it comes to product design.

Magda Kalek  - Head od Art (aka Ah) –  She speaks less but listens carefully. She loves illustration and character design.
Kamil Jerzykowski – Head of Head (aka Oh) –  He speaks much and really like to discuss. He’s in platonic love with typography.